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The Christian Democrats' protest in parliament - the Communists' reaction

The leader of the Communist parliamentary group, Victor Stepaniuc declared at the end of the Thursday session in parliament that the deputies representing the ruling party would elaborate a legislation that would allow the evacuation by force of lawmakers who disrupt or hinder plenary sessions. Parliament Speaker Eugenia Ostapciuc said the law would be adopted next week.

The Communist legislators reacted thus to a protest staged in Parliament by the Christian Democrats (PPCD). Speaking to the press, PPCD Deputy Vlad Cubreacov said that the Christian Democratic group resorted to seizing the speaker's floor as a sign of protest against the refusal of the Communist authorities to meet the requests submitted by PPCD a week ago. "The parliament leadership sabotages the Christian Democrats and hides the information about a communist mafia in the state structures" - stated Cubreacov.