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OSCE Ambassadors ask for a constructive stance on the part of Tiraspol

At the end of a visit to Moldova, a high-level 25 member-strong OSCE delegation asked the authorities of the separatist Transnistrean region to take a more constructive stance in the negotiations with Chisinau.

Durind their meetings with the Transdniestrian leadership, as well as with the Moldovan President, Vladimir Voronin, Vice-Speaker of Parliament Vadim Misin, Foreign Minister Andrei Stratan and Minister for Reintegration Vasile Sova, the Ambassadors stressed that they regarded the mediator's document – presented earlier this year to both sides – as a sound basis for the negotiation process.

The delegation, which included Ambassadors of several OSCE states and was headed by the Chairman of the Permanent Council, Ambassador Ivo Petrov, demanded that the Transnistrean authorities stop the harassment of teachers and pupils of the Moldovan schools teaching Romanian in the Latin script. They also asked Tiraspol to have the schools in question registered according to an agreement brokered by the OSCE Mission to Moldova last summer.

The OSCE site states that the delegation also discussed the uncompleted withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldova, and the question of a possible international border monitoring operation along the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.