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Protesting journalists forced out of the National Radio and TV building

On the first of August police forces drove out the group of protesting journalists who had been occupying the conference room on the fifth floor of the National Radio headquarters for 5 days. The police invoked an anonymous telephone call to the effect that a bomb had been placed in the National Radio building. The municipal radio Antena-C was broadcasting live a dialogue with the protestors taken via mobile telephones during the police intervention.

Before being forced out of the building, the protestors assisted by two parliamentarians of the Christian Democratic People's Party, Iurie Rosca and Vlad Cubreacov, signed a declaration addressed to the municipal police chief in which they stressed their refusal to leave the National Radio headquarters.

Antena-C aired live the text and names of 13 signatories shortly before the police started the evacuation. The protestors signaled the absence during the operation of fire engines and ambulances, which normally would be mobilized in case of an explosion risk.

As Basa-Press reports, immediately after forcing the protestors out of the building, several coordinating police officers left the scene without showing any interest in the bomb searching operation. The group of evacuated journalists joined the other tens of protestors in front of the National Radio building who had stayed there round the clock throughout the protest action.

The protestors from the TeleRadio-Moldova company had scheduled a meeting with listeners and watchers for the first of August in front of the National Radio headquarters. The organisers suppose that the police had been ordered to evacuate the group of protestors at all costs, to avoid a possible attempt by the meeting participants to storm the Radio headquarters. National Radio's broadcasting was stopped on Sunday morning. There was neither a police nor any other official communique regarding the events of the previous night.

More than 300 people demonstrated on Sunday in front of the National Radio-TV building expressing their support for the protesting journalists. Opposition party leaders Dumitru Braghis (Moldova Noastra Alliance), Iurie Rosca (Christian Democratic People's Party), Oleg Serebrian (Social Liberal Party) and Nicolae Andronic (Christian Democrat Peasant Party) were among the demonstrators.