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Wanted: Investigative Reporting Mentors for Moldova

Europa Libera has been the voice of independent journalism in Moldova for generations. As a public service media organization, we want to sharpen our profile and deepen our expertise to tell more stories that matter to Moldovans. 

We are looking for journalists with a proven track record in the following beats to work with us to improve our reporting, find unique angles and pursue them with editorial rigor and compelling storytelling across digital platforms.

  • Climate change and environment
  • Politics and corruption
  • Education reform and digital divide

Mentors will travel to Chisinau for a weeklong workshop in November with our teams to brainstorm on stories to pursue and then remotely mentor and guide the teams as they pursue their stories over the coming months in weekly check-ins. The teams will be composed of dedicated reporters as well as seconded video and audio producers, as required.

The expected time commitment in addition to the workshop in Chisinau is approximately 3-4 hours per week for the three months following the workshop, equaling about 50-70 hours in total until February 2023.

Compensation: Travel from your place of residence to Moldova, accommodation in Chisinau over the duration of the workshop, and a fixed fee for the workshop and consecutive mentoring.

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2022