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Alexandru Leşco, member of the "Ilaşcu group", released after 12 years of illegal detention

The authorities of the breakaway republic of Transnistria, in eastern Moldova, released on Wednesday after 12 years of detention Alexandru Lesco, a member of the "Ilascu group". Lesco was taken by Transnistrian special forces to a border guard station near Tighina (Bender), a city controlled by the secessionist administration on the right bank of Dniester river, where he was met by his wife Tatiana Lesco and a group of friends and journalists.

Assaulted by journalists, Lesco said that he had been illegaly convicted and would struggle to obtain his rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of his group fellows through the European Court of Human Rights.

Although the Tiraspol authorities had announced Lesco’s release on the eve, not one official from Chisinau came to meet him who had belonged to Moldova's special forces. Lesco is the second member of the Ilascu group who was released by Transnistria. Ilie Ilascu was freed in 2001, shortly after the Communist victory in parliamentary elections. Ilascu, now a Romanian senator, Lesco, Tudor Petrov-Popa and Andrei Ivantoc have filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights against Moldova and Russia for grave violations of human rights. The last two are still in captivity.