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Reporters sans frontiers: mass media under pressure

Reporters sans Frontiers published its report on press freedom in Romania after an investigation generated by the rising number of aggressions against journalists. The investigation was carried out during March 24 – April 1.

The report concludes that in this electoral year the political class in power exerts subtle pressure on the mass media. Other alarming signs: public media’s lack of independence, audio-visual media’s want of pluralism, tentatives of manipulating information especially in the broadcasts of the public radio, the journalists’ generalised self-censorship.

Soria Blatmann, co-author of the report, asked the authorities to elucidate the 4 cases of physical aggression against journalists in the province. In an interview with RFE, Blatmann pleaded for adopting a „zero tolerance“ attitude against the masterminds of the aggression, especially if they are politicians.