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United States Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's visit to Chişinău

During his visit to Chisinau on 26 June, United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that NATO and the OSCE states expected Russia to fulfill the obligations assumed at the Istanbul summit in 1999. Asked at a press conference whether Washingon accepted President Voronin’s proposal to join the negociations on the Transdniester region, Donald Rumsfeld answered according to AP Flux:

„Moldova and the United States are interested in identifying a peaceful solution to the Transdniester conflict. Many proposals in this respect seem interesting to me. But first and foremost, there must be fulfilled the obligations assumed five years ago“.

On the same occasion Pentagon Chief expressed his gratitude for Moldova’s support in the anti-terrorist campaign and in the Irak war. He commended the Moldovan soldiers engaged in demining and humanitarian operations and welcomed the decision to send a second Moldovan unit to Irak.

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