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5 members of Teleradio Moldova's Council of Observers: "Journalists are sorted out on criteria of political and administrative loyalty"

5 of the 15 member-strong Council of Observers at the Teleradio Moldova announced their intention to resign. In a declaration published on 3 August, they expressed their concern over "the critical deterioration of the situation within and around the institution". Alexandru Dorogan, Val Butnaru, Petru Chiriac, Victor Osipov and Victor Moraru contested "the excessive presence of police forces and their aggressive actions against the protesting journalists". "The state authorities's violent gestures are likely to suppress the protestors' and programme authors' liberty".

The 5 resigning observers consider the results of the new personnel selection as a sorting out on criteria of political and administrative loyalty which eliminates jounalists opposing censorship and interferes in the editorial policy of the institution. They conclude that the process of turning Teleradio Moldova from a state company into a public institution is being perverted by the authorities.

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