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Opposition leaders justify their decision to back Voronin

Iurie Rosca, leader of the Popular Party Christian Democratic (PPCD), invoked national interests for his party's decision to vote in the 4 April presidential election. Rosca, who had pledged a number of times to boycott the vote, said his party decided to back Voronin after consulting political allies in Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, the United States, and the European Union ".

Dumitru Diacov, chairman of the Democratic Party, which broke from the BMD, cited the "top interests of the country at a moment of maximum responsibility" as reasons for supporting Voronin.

Oleg Serebrian, whose Social Liberal Party also defected from the BMD, said the decision was "a consequence of the need to maintain stability, compromise, and the orientation of Moldova toward the European Union."

Serafim Urechean, leader of the rump BMD faction Our Moldova Alliance, said he was disappointed over the "decision of traitors who voted for Voronin."

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