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In mayoral elections Moldovan communists garner 11% less votes than in 2003

Full figures from the June 3 local elections show that support for Moldova's Communist Party is waning. Although the results are not yet official, the Central Election Commission said on June 7 that the Communist Party polled 29.9 percent in mayoral elections, 14 percent ahead of its nearest rival, the Our Moldova Alliance (15.8 percent), but also well down on the 41 percent it garnered in local elections in 2003. It suffered an even greater fall in elections for local councils, from 50 percent to 33.5 percent.

The Our Moldova Alliance also saw its share of the vote drop in both sets of elections. Instead, the gains were spread across a range of small parties: the third-placed party, the Moldovan Democratic Party (PDM), saw its share rise from 8.1 percent to only a little over 10 percent.

In Chisinau, the Christian Democrat Popular Party asked the Central Election Commission to invalidate the elections, accusing the communists of having led an unfair electoral campaign.

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