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The GUUAM summit - Yushchenko's plan - Basescu's reaction

At a summit in Chisinau, leaders of the GUUAM states pledged to seek closer ties with the EU and the USA and discussed the frozen conflicts generated by separatists in the region. At the end of the summit, the GUUAM countries adopted a statement condemning separatism and calling on Russia to withdraw its troops from Moldova and Georgia as it pledged at the 1999 OSCE summit in Istanbul.

At the GUUAM meeting in Chisinau, Ukraine’s President Yushchenko presented a plan providing for wide autonomy for Transdniester and asking for elections in Moldova’s separatist region. According to the plan, the Transdniester border section would be monitored by OSCE observers.

Responding to the plan, President Basescu said that any solution for the Transdniester plan should take into account Moldova’ Constitution. Moldovan authorities refrained from commenting Yushchenko’s plan.

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