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William Hill: OSCE ministerial meeting dedicated to the Transdniester conflict to be held in Varna

William Hill, head of the OSCE mission to Moldova, said in Chisinau that he disagreed with Moscow's position on the need to "synchronize" the Russian withdrawal of troops and ammunition from Transdniester with finding a solution to the conflict in that region.

Hill also said the OSCE followed developments connected with President Voronin's Stability and Security Pact for Moldova initiative, learnt of the intention of the U.S. and the EU to sign such a document and "might follow their example," provided that all OSCE members consented.

Hill confirmed that an OSCE ministerial meeting was to be held in Varna, Bulgaria on 8 November, and said Moldovan Integration Minister Vasilii Sova and Transdniester "Foreign Minister" Valerii Litskay would attend.

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