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Seismic proposal to surmount an unethical solution

In an interview with the daily "Adevarul", President Traian Basescu called for early elections in order to surmount the "unethical solution" of admitting the Humanist Party (PUR) in the ruling coalition.

Basescu called on parliament to initiate procedures to dismiss the two Social Democratic speakers of its chambers, former Prime Ministers Adrian Nastase and Nicolae Vacaroiu, who had been elected with the support of the PUR parliamentaries. He also said he wanted the legislature to look into allegations that the formerly ruling PSD attempted to rig the 28 November ballot.

Basescu said in the same interview that he believed the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Party, which formed the Justice and Truth alliance before the elections, should merge.

Prime Minister Popescu-Tariceanu, who is also National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman, said he backed Basescu's proposal to merge the two parties and would submit it at a PNL congress scheduled for 4-6 February.

Democratic Party Chairman Emil Boc said he agreed to the merger "as a long term project" that should reflect both parties' programs. Boc emphasized on the other hand that he opposed the "absorbtion" of the Democratic Party by the PNL.

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